19 kids

A reality show on TLC about a family consisting of 19 kids, none adopted. The family's name is the Duggars, and the childrens names are as followed:

Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar, born December 18, 2008.
Jennifer Danielle Duggar, born 2 August 2007.
Johannah Faith Duggar, born 11 October 2005.
Jackson Levi Duggar, born 23 May 2004.
Justin Samuel Duggar, born 15 November 2002.
James Andrew Duggar, born 7 July 2001.
Jason Michael Duggar, born 21 April 2000.
Jeremiah Robert Duggar, born 30 December 1998.
Jedidiah Robert Duggar, born 30 December 1998.
Joy-Anna Duggar, born 28 October 1997.
Josiah Matthew Duggar, born 28 August 1996.
Joseph Garrett Duggar, born 20 January 1995.
Jinger Nicole Duggar, born 21 December 1993.
Jessa Lauren Duggar, born 4 November 1992.
Jill Michelle Duggar, born 17 May 1991.
John David Duggar, born 12 January 1990.
Jana Marie Duggar, born 12 January 1990.
Joshua James Duggar, born 3 March 1988. Josie Brooklun Duggar, born December 8th, 2009.

As you can see, all of the children's names begin with J. Thats how the parents wanted it. They all play insturments, ans are very kind to each other.

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