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AS THE WORLD TURNS, the groundbreaking television drama, is being released on DVD, for the first time, in a four-disc (20 episode) collection. Edit

====AS THE WORLD TURNS, originally called AS THE EARTH TURNS when Irna Phillips wrote the bible in 1955, ran for more than 54 years on CBS, concluding its run in September of 2010. During its tenure, it garnered over 100 million viewers all over the world, won 62 Emmy awards, and was the top-rated daytime drama for 20 years.

This first collection (1979-2010) contains four, five-episode discs: Disc 1: Great Weddings Disc 2: Secrets and Scandals Disc 3: Oakdale Through the Years Disc 4: Villains and Vixens

Every disc is full of unforgettable moments, from the infamous John-and-Lucinda hot tub scene to the devastating boathouse explosion, from Luke courageously coming out to his parents to Lily finally discovering the truth about hers. And of course, no collection is complete without, "Hello, Barbara."

This historic offering marks the first time that entire daytime soap opera episodes of this kind are available to the public on DVD. If there is enough interest, we may even see additional curated collections of AS THE WORLD TURNS. And who knows, with enough public support, GUIDING LIGHT, ANOTHER WORLD, THE EDGE OF NIGHT and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW could be next.

Industry expert (and lifelong AS THE WORLD TURNS aficionado), We Love Soaps founder Roger Newcomb, describes his experience working on the collection as a "labor of love" adding "it was a joy working on this project. I saw episodes I had never seen before in the pre-VCR days."====

For information on how to purchase the collection, and a list of the 20 selected episodes, please visit

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