• Opark 77

    The weeks go by oh so fast. I started a new job this week and have not done as much editing as I had hoped in the run up. The television continues to broadcast despite my inattention though so I'll try and gather some useful links for interested editors this week. I will hopefully have some more updates of my own next week.

    I have at least managed to watch the excellent series finale to Treme. It would have been a great series finale had the show ended this year but still left enough threads unconcluded to further the shortened fourth season. I will keep updating the Treme wiki in the offseason.

    The wife and I have been catching up with British telly on our DVR. We are still weeks behind, but enjoying, BBC drama The Paradise. The department …

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  • Opark 77

    A few updates for editors interested in our television wikis. What are you guys watching right now?

    I was disappointed to learn that Last Resort has been cancelled by ABC. The wiki is going strong covering new episodes each week and will continue to do so up until the show concludes with episode 13. Creator Shawn Ryan has promised to round up the series in satisfying fashion so don't give up on the show if you have started it! Also cancelled this week are ABC thriller 666 Park Avenue, which will complete its original thirteen episode order like Last Resort, and the sitcom Partners, which is already off the schedule.

    I loved this weeks episode of Treme and wrote a review of it for the relevant wiki. Also going strong on the cable drama front are …

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  • Opark 77

    TV wiki updates

    October 28, 2012 by Opark 77

    I am working on the wiki's for a bunch of television shows myself at the moment and thought I would post a little summary of progress here for anyone interested in joining an active wiki.

    Treme is currently airing its third season on HBO. The post Katrina drama is halfway through a ten episode run and has just been renewed for a five episode final season. I am working on keeping the wiki up to date with the latest episodes including music guides, plot summaries, cast and character pages, and credits breakdowns. I am struggling to keep up with all the character pages and would love some more editors there. --Opark 77 (talk) 19:58, October 28, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Opark 77


    October 7, 2012 by Opark 77

    I have been editing here for the past couple of months and have helped to clean up spam, update the main page, and get the wiki up to date with the new fall TV shows. My work has led to the wiki being highlighted by wikia on twitter a couple of times. Since there are no active admins here I am thinking of applying for adminship via the wiki adoption process. Would anyone object?--Opark 77 (talk) 18:42, October 7, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Opark 77

    ER wiki

    September 30, 2012 by Opark 77

    Hello entertainment fans,

    I am working on reviving the very first wiki I founded, ER Wiki. I've been undertaking a redesign, updating our background, logo and infoboxes in the last month.

    Any fans of the venerable medical drama would be very welcome to help out. I was thinking about organizing a rewatch project to help raise activity. Any one interested?

    Kind regards,

    --Opark 77 (talk) 01:40, September 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Opark 77

    I have set up a list for the top new network dramas in fall 2012. Please head to the link, check out the poster art and airdates, and vote for your favorite show if you have one.

    I guess it is a kind of sequel to my last effort for current cable dramas which is also open to new votes and illustrated with the latest poster art.

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  • Porterfield

    When Seth Green and Matthew Senreich flew up to NorCal in 2009 for a meeting with George Lucas, one might think they were headed to the principal's office for a scolding. If Lucas had beef with the duo's critically-acclaimed Star Wars themed episodes of Robot Chicken, it wouldn't come as a surprise. Instead, Lucas told the comedians, "we want to make something funny because everyone else is doing it." Not only did he want to team up with Green and Senreich to make a humorous Star Wars series, he also offered them free reign, saying that whatever they made up in the show would become canon, and the fans would have to deal with it. Lucas envisioned a show that would be "Star Wars without the wars", and that folks, is the origin of Star Wars …

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  • LexiLexi

    ABC has released the dates of their fall premieres! From Modern Family to Anatomy Grey's Anatomy, all the shows you've been itching to see again are back, with brand new episodes. Any cliffhanger questions you need answers? Well, you'll only have to wait until this fall!

    • Shark Tank 8 pm
    • What Would You Do? 9 pm
    • 2020 10 pm

    • Dancing With the Stars: All Stars 8 pm
    • Castle 10 pm

    • Dancing With the Stars Results Show 8 pm
    • Private Practice 10 pm

    • The Middle (one hour) 8 pm
    • Modern Family 9 pm
    • The Neighbors 9:30 pm

    • Last Resort 8 pm
    • Grey's Anatomy 9 pm
    • Scandal 10 pm

    • Once Upon a Time 8 pm
    • Revenge 9 pm
    • 666 Park Avenue 10 pm

    • Nashville 10 pm

    • Suburgatory 9:30 pm

    • Happy Endings 9 pm
    • Don't Trust the B___ In Apartment 23 9:30 pm

    • Last Man Standing 8 pm
    • Malibu Country 9 pm
    • Shark Tank …

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  • LexiLexi

    Eagerly waiting for your favorite CW show to come back? Well, starting Tuesday, October 2, all the best CW shows will come back, premiere after premiere. Finally, the anticipation will end! Which are you most looking forward to seeing?

    • Hart of Dixie (8-9 pm)

    • Supernatural (9-10 pm)

    • 90210 (8-9 pm)
    • Gossip Girl (9-10 pm)

    • Arrow 8-9 pm
    • Supernatural (9-10 pm)

    • Vampire Diaries (8-9 pm)
    • Beauty and the Beast (9-10 pm)

    • Hart of Dixie (8-9 pm)
    • Emily Owens, MD (9-10 pm)

    • America's Next Top Model: College Edition (8-9 pm)
    • Nikita (9-10 pm)

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  • Bchwood

    Ready Player One Wiki

    June 20, 2012 by Bchwood

    Hey guys,

    Who's read the awesome science-fiction book Ready Player One?

    It's a 2011 best-seller by Ernest Cline set in a virtual video games world called the Oasis. A whole bunch of us at Wikia think that not only is the book a great read but that it would make for a wonderful wiki because of all the 80's movie, tv, and video game references in it. Film rights have also been optioned by Warner Bros.

    So who's interested in starting and contributing to the wiki?! If you're interested leave your name in the comments below!


    Peter 23:07, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

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  • LexiLexi

    Fox has finally revealed its release dates for the 2012-2013 premieres! Now we know just how long we have to wait for the shows we know and love.

    • X Factor (Part 1) 8 pm

    • X Factor (Part 2) 8 pm
    • Glee 9 pm

    • Bones 8 PM
    • The Mob Doctor 9 pm

    • New Girl (new episode) 8 pm
    • Ben and Kate 8:30 pm
    • New Girl (the super-official premiere) 9 pm
    • The Mindy Project 9:30 pm

    • Kitchen Nightmares 8 pm
    • Fringe 9 pm

    • The Simpsons 8 pm
    • Bob's Burgers 8:30 pm
    • Family Guy 9 pm
    • American Dad 9:30 pm

    • Raising Hope 8 pm

    • The Cleveland Show 7:30 pm

    • Touch 8 pm

    Which shows are you eagerly awaiting? Which are you disappointed not to see on here? Comment below and let us know!


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  • Kate.moon

    Great news all around for ABC shows! The alphabet network just renewed fan favorites such as Modern Family, Suburgatory, freshman dramas Revenge and Once Upon a Time, Castle, and Grey's Anatomy.

    Meanwhile, Pan Am and The River have a very low chance of being picked up while new drama Scandal, GCB, Missing, and Body of Proof are still on the bubble.

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  • Kate.moon

    CW announced early pickups for The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and 90210 today.

    The Vampire Diaries enters its fourth season; Supernatural its eight, and 90210 its fifth. There's no word yet on other CW series such as Gossip Girl or Nikita but we remain hopeful.

    Have your favorites gotten picked up?

    Nikita and Hart of Dixie has been renewed while Secret Circle and Ringer get axed.

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  • Kate.moon

    It's almost that time again...when our favorite TV series go on hiatus for the summer to (hopefully) return in the fall. With most of the series counting down to May, we have all the biggest finale dates right here, courtesy of TV Line!

    • The Good Wife

    • Good Christian Belles

    • 2 Broke Girls
    • Castle

    • Unforgettable
    • New Girl

    • Big Bang Theory
    • The Vampire Diaries
    • The Secret Circle
    • Parks and Recreation

    • Fringe

    • Once Upon a Time
    • Desperate Housewives
    • American Dad

    • Bones
    • Gossip Girl
    • How I Met Your Mother
    • Hart of Dixie
    • Two and a Half Men
    • Hawaii Five-O
    • Smash

    • 90210
    • Private Practice

    • Criminal Minds
    • Suburgatory

    • Awake
    • Grey's Anatomy
    • Person of Interest
    • The Mentalist
    • Scandal

    • Supernatural
    • Nikita
    • Grimm

    • Cleveland Show
    • The Simpsons
    • Family Guy
    • Bob's Burgers

    • House

    • Glee

    • Modern Family
    • Revenge

    • Community

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  • Kate.moon

    Great news! Fan favorites like Glee, New Girl and Raising Hope has just been renewed by FOX!

    Other shows like Alcatraz, Fringe, and The Finder are still on the bubble, but Fringe may get a shortened finale season, so don't give up hope.

    Are you excited that your favorite shows are coming back?


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  • Themadhatterhouse

    Here it is!

    3rd Logo (Hey Arnold! 1st Custom Logo)

    (July 10, 1996)

    Nicknames: "The Arnold Logo 1", "Arnold and Friends"

    Logo: On a slate gray background, we see the big dodger blue letters "GAMES ANIMATION INC." in stacked words. Around the screen, we see the following characters (starting from the top right, going counterclockwise): Gerald (who is waving), Harold (with a scared look on his face), Arnold (looking bored), and Helga (cross-armed with a scowl). They all wear completely different outfits than in the regular show, since this is taken from the pilot episode of Hey Arnold!

    Trivia: If you look closely on the bottom right of Arnold's head, you can see Craig Bartlett's initials.

    FX/SFX: None.

    Music/Sounds: The end theme of the pilot, along…

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  • Themadhatterhouse

    Team Umizoomi wil be canceled with the final episode "Goodbye, Team Umizoomi!" according to Nickelodeon since the final episode "Goodbye, Team Umizoomi!" will air on Nickelodeon, until March 30, 2012.

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  • Patricia Tan

    YTV News Rocks!

    March 10, 2012 by Patricia Tan

    I Love YTV News

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  • Kate.moon

    Are you a huge fan of 21 Jump Street the franchise? Do you think Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum can pull off their roles? If you have burning questions for newbies Hill and Tatum, as well as the rest of the cast, we have a fantastic opportunity for you to ask them!

    Wikia's Entertainment Category Manager, Eric Moro, will be attending SXSW where he has the chance to interview Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Rob Riggle, David Franco and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. We're opening up the question process to Wikia's community so you can ask your favorite directors and actors your burning questions via Wikia!

    Please post any questions you may want to ask about 21 Jump Street below! We're excited to see what kind of questions you can come up wit…

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  • Kate.moon

    Are you looking forward to Cabin in the Woods by the horror genius Joss Whedon?

    If you're a fan of the horror genre or Joss Whedon in general, we have a fantastic opportunity for you to ask questions for Joss, Drew Goddard, Richard Jenkins Bradley Whitford and Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchinson and Jesse Williams! The Entertainment Category Manager of Wikia, Eric Moro, will be attending SXSW with the opportunity to speak with the all-star cast. We're opening up the question process to Wikia's community so you can ask your favorite directors and actors your burning questions via Wikia!

    Please post any questions you may want to ask about Cabin in the Woods below! We're excited to see what kind of questions you can come up with!

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  • Bchwood

    Wikia recently chatted with the filmmakers of The Devil Inside, director and co-writer William Bent Bell and writer Matthew Peterman. The micro-budget horror film opened to over $34 million last weekend, turning heads in Hollywood (360 degrees). They talked to Wikia about their road to the big-screen, real life exorcist schools, and the concept of demonic transference (not possible through reading; as far as we know)…

    WIKIA: "The Devil Inside" is the top January opening of the year, the 3rd highest January opening behind Cloverfield and the Star Wars re-release, AND you pushed Tom Cruise from the top of the box-office skyscraper. All heady stuff...

    MATT: Yes, it's an incredible feeling to reach so many people...for two guys and our producing…

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  • Soldierscuzzy

    HBO today announced that three of their shows, Hung, Bored to Death, and How to Make It in America, have all been cancelled. They also announced the comedy Enlightened will be renewed for a second season. According to E! Online, the reason behind cutting all of the shows from HBO's lineup is for new series to begin on the network. What do you think of this news? Will you miss any of these series, or are you happy to see Enlightened back? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Bchwood


    Check out this new trailer for Project X, which The Hangover director Todd Philips has produced. It looks like a modern day Risky Business. Who else is psyched to see this ??!!!

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  • Kate.moon

    The fall season for television is well underway and going strong. Now that several networks have renewed popular freshman series such as The Secret Circle, Person of Interest and New Girl, you can safely decide which shows to invest in.

    It's a good season for fairy tales with not just one, but two shows revolving around classic fairy tales with a twist like Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

    With Lost out of the game, look out for JJ Abrams projects to grab your interest. Once Upon a Time has Easter eggs from Lost while JJ Abrams procedural Person of Interest was just picked up for a full season. Later this season, go back to the island with Alcatraz!

    More strong performers include Steven Spielberg's dinosaur fantasy Terra Nova and the perfect show …

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  • Sharp6690

    The Nature of Reason

    October 17, 2011 by Sharp6690

    The Nature of Reason

    I have found many issues with the concept of reasoning with anyone else, the main hinderance being the nature from which an individual's reason springs from. Throughout historical western civilization "reason" appears to be an entity that springs forth from a Christian, Greek, and Roman worldview where rules and requirements for living in the west take Biblical roots. These rules have included that one shall not kill, one shall not steal, one shall not commit adultury, with laws that back and interperet these common laws. Current western civilization function still on these principles but have taken a secular, scientific, and research based approach when reasoning in many issues confronted in daily life. Taking th… Read more >
  • JoePlay

    Anonymous Sweeps

    October 12, 2011 by JoePlay
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  • Soldierscuzzy

    Roland Emmerich, in his new film Anonymous, aims to debunk the myth of William Shakespeare. In his latest video, he provides ten new arguments to help his case that Shakespeare was not all he is cracked up to be. The video can be found below. More information on the movie can be found here.

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  • Wagnike2

    Anonymous Webcast

    September 27, 2011 by Wagnike2

    Ever wondered if Shakespeare was a little too good to be true? Then you are in luck as the film Anonymous seeks to find out the truth about Shakespeare. Here is some background information for you:

    • Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England, Anonymous speculates on an issue that has for centuries intrigued academics and brilliant minds such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Sigmund Freud, namely: who actually created the body of work credited to William Shakespeare? Experts have debated, books have been written, and scholars have devoted their lives to protecting or debunking theories surrounding the authorship of the most renowned works in English literature. Anonymous poses one possible answer, focusing on a time when scandalou…

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  • Wagnike2

    In celebration of the newly revamped Star Tours ride at Disneyland, Disney has been offering many exclusive and awesome action figures. Some of them have been the typical Disney fare, but the coolest ones so far have been these Star Wars/Muppets mash-up figures.

    • Kotaku
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  • JoePlay

    50/50 Giveaway

    August 31, 2011 by JoePlay
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  • Wagnike2

    Straw Dogs Trailer

    August 26, 2011 by Wagnike2

    Straw Dogs will be hitting theaters on September 16th, 2011.' Straw Dogs tells the story of L.A. screenwriter David Sumner as he relocates with his wife to her hometown in the deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both. The film is a remake of the 1971 film with the same name. Please view this terrifying trailer and tell us what you think of this film.

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  • MarkvA

    Jedi Kittens gone viral

    August 26, 2011 by MarkvA

    Have you ever thought to yourself "Where are all the cute kittens in Star Wars"? No? Well, somebody did! Just check out this awesome video below, featuring an epic battle of Jedi Kittens, and be blown away by their epicness!

    And in case you're wondering, there have been cats in Star Wars! Check out this article on Wookiepedia if you want to know more, and don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments!

    Source: io9

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  • Porterfield

    Ask Darth Vader

    August 25, 2011 by Porterfield

    Q: Beyond being black and shiny, what do Darth Vader and the Magic 8-Ball have in common?

    A: They will answer all of your questions, all the time!

    In celebration of the new Star Wars Blu-ray release (September 16th), FOX has launched a website dedicated to asking Darth Vader any question you could possibly imagine. Although he acts annoyed and impatient, Darth will do his best to answer your questions and the results are quite entertaining. The Sith Lord puts the the Magic 8-Ball to shame, and as you ask more questions, you can unlock secrets, which are basically short clips about Darth Vader from the Blu-rays special features. Furthermore, you can use voice-activation to ask questions if you're accessing the site from your mobile phone.

    So wha…

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  • Kate.moon

    Along with FOX and ABC, CBS has also announced their premiere dates for Fall 2011 via TV Line! Check off your favorite shows' return dates and see if any new series perk your interest! We can't wait for J.J Abram's Person of Interest!

    • 8 pm Survivor: South Pacific

    8 pm How I Met Your Mother

    • 8:30 pm How I Met Your Mother (bonus episode)
    • 9 pm Two and a Half Men
    • 9:30 pm 2 Broke Girls [new series]
    • 10 pm Hawaii Five-0

    • 8 pm NCIS
    • 9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles
    • 10 pm Unforgettable [new series]

    • 9 pm Criminal Minds
    • 10 pm CSI

    • 8 pm The Big Bang Theory
    • 8:30 pm The Big Bang Theory (bonus episode)
    • 9 pm Person of Interest [new series]
    • 10 pm The Mentalist

    • 8 pm A Gifted Man [new series]
    • 9 pm CSI: NY
    • 10 pm Blue Bloods

    • 8 pm Rules of Engagement
    • 8:30 pm Comedy Encores
    • 9 pm Drama Encores
    • 10 p…

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  • Kate.moon

    ABC Fall 2011 Lineup

    June 27, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Are you counting down the days until Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy comes back to our beloved TV screens? You're in luck, because ABC just announced their Fall schedule! Along with some new shows and fan favorites, they also announced that Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy will have double the premieres! Yes! That means 2 hours of Grey's Anatomy goodness and 1 full hour of Modern Family comedy gold!

    Check out the full schedule, courtesy of TV Fanatic, and be sure to check off your favorite shows!

    • 8 p.m. Dancing with the Stars
    • 10 p.m. Castle

    • 9 p.m. Dancing with the Stars Results Show
    • 10 p.m. Body of Proof

    • 8 p.m. The Middle (one hour)
    • 9 p.m. Modern Family (one hour)
    • 10 p.m. Revenge (new series: Watch promo now!)

    • 8 p.m. Charlie’s Angels (new series: …

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  • Bchwood

    Despite many negative reviews that lamented the fact that Ligntning McQueen wasn't front and center in the Cars sequel, the film managed to cross the weekend box office finish line in first place with $68 million.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, tracking figures heading into the weekend were clocking the film at $50-$55 million. But the film had more gas than expected and sped into the second-best June opening ever for an animated film after Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3..

    “I think there is this wonderful aura that comes with Disney/Pixar movies. They play almost like fanboy pics. Everyone rushes out Friday to see them,” Disney worldwide president of distribution Chuck Viane said.

    Interestingly, grosses from 3D theaters accounted for only …

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  • Kate.moon

    Fox Fall 2011 Line-up

    June 23, 2011 by Kate.moon

    FOX announced their new Fall 2011 line-up today! With some hotly anticipated shows like Terra Nova and popular returning veterans like Glee and Fringe, FOX has an awesome schedule for us fans! Check out the premiere dates of the FOX shows below, courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

    • 8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT
      • Cops (Season Premiere)
    • 8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT
      • Cops (Encore Episode)

    • 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT
      • Glee (Season Premiere)
    • 9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT
      • New Girl (Series Premiere)
    • 9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT
      • Raising Hope (Season Premiere)

    • 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT
      • The X Factor (Series Premiere, Part 1)

    • 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT
      • The X Factor (Series Premiere, Part 2)

    • 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT
      • Kitchen Nightmares (Season Premiere)
    • 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT
      • Fringe (Season Premiere)

    • 8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT
      • The Simpsons (Season Premiere)
    • 8:…

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  • Kate.moon

    The first ever Critics Choice Television Awards, modeled after the movie awards of the same name and sponsored by The Broadcast Television Journalists Association, is designed to give critics more of a say in picking award-worthy television shows.

    So who swept the inaugural Critics Choice? Mad Men! with Best Series, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

    Check out the full list, courtesy of TV Fanatic, and tell us if you agree with the critics!

    • Mad Men

    • Jon Hamm (Mad Men)

    • Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife)

    • John Noble (Fringe)

    • Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Margo Martindale (Justified)

    • Modern Family

    • Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)

    • Tina Fey (30 Rock)

    • Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)

    • Busy Philipps (Cougar Town)

    • American Idol

    • Falling Skies
    • Terr…

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  • Bchwood

    Super 8 opens nationwide tomorrow and is expected to battle the mutants of X-Men: First Class.

    Despite solid reviews and an 86% certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, Paramount has expressed moderate expectations of a mid-$20 million gross for Super 8, putting it right on track for a collision with X-Men.

    Of course that's not to detract from X-Men's stellar $120 million worldwide debut.

    Warner Bros.' comedy juggernaut The Hangover Part II should drink in around $15 million, Kung Fu Panda 2 looks to kick it's way to a low teens gross, but is nearing $300 million worldwide.

    And let's not forget Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides who's bounty should be around $10 million in North American for a domestic total of a clinking $200 million.

    So …

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  • Bchwood

    Xbox Live TV

    June 8, 2011 by Bchwood

    Apple isn't the only one pushing into television. At reported in Variety, Microsoft announced that will be offering live TV on the Xbox 360 consul.

    They will be integrating both YouTube and search engine Bing as soon as this fall to accompany services like Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, and The interface will all be controlled through Kinect, the popular motion- and voice-controlled system that hit the market last year.

    So basically what this means is that if you want to watch a TV show, movie, or web series, you say it's name and presto- Bing will show you all the various forms of your title. An E3 demo included a DVR feature and words from Microsoft's Mark Whitten - "This is the year that live television comes to Xbox 360 as w…

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  • Wagnike2

    There has already been a lot of buzz for the movie Dolphin Tale even though it isn't even scheduled to be released until September 23, 2011. The movie is produced by Alcon Entertainment and based on a true story. It tells the story of a dolphin and a group of compatriots who save her life.

    The dolphin unfortunately begins its journey by being captured in a crab trap (and no this isn't Deadliest Catch). While caught in this deadly trap, Winter (the dolphin who plays herself in the film) injures her tail. This is just the beginning of the film as the film will take us through the recovery and rehabilitation of Winter.

    Actors cast in this film are Morgan Freeman as Dr. Ken McCarthy, Harry Connick Jr as Dr. Clay Hackett, Ashley Judd as Lorraine, a…

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  • Kate.moon

    Now that fall TV has wrapped up, it's time to cast our sights towards summer's guiltiest pleasures! From True Blood to Pretty Little Liars, there's sure to be something for everyone!

    The helpful people at TV Line compiled this amazing calendar dates of TV premieres for JUNE alone for your perusal. Mark your calendars for your favorites summer series and make sure you don't miss anything! Click on the calendar to zoom in!

    Which shows are you most excited for?

    18:33, June 1, 2011 (UTC) Read more >
  • Bchwood

    A Red-band trailer for David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has recently surfaced on the web.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony has not commented on whether the trailer is authorized or not, but all signs point to a viral campaign not unlike the one for JJ Abrams' summer film Super 8. The lengthy trailer features clips throughout the film and highlights it's dark and graphic nature. We get glimpses of a bloodied Daniel Craig as Mikael Blumkvist and a nude Mara Rooney as Lisbeth Salander.

    Given the extensive footage, the Columbia Pictures titles, and the fact that the end of the trailer points to an official website, it seems to me that this is not the work of a Salander copycat hacker, but more likely a concerted marke…

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  • Kate.moon

    CW Fall Preview

    May 19, 2011 by Kate.moon

    No sooner than when this season wrapped up for CW, that they released this new press release for next season! Congratulations to all the shows that got renewed for next fall! You can find the list here. Meanwhile we bid farewell to favorites like Hellcats and Smallville which had a solid 10-year run.

    Meanwhile, let's look at what we should expect for next season!

    What can we expect of Gossip Girl as it enters its fifth season? Chuck and Nate will visit Serena in Los Angeles while Blair is trying to plan her own Royal Wedding. Meanwhile, Charlie Rhodes, Serena's fake cousin will return to the Upper East Side! With the news that Charlie will be a series regular for next season, expect her to stir up lots of trouble.

    The Vampire Diaries just wra…

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  • A. Bloom


    May 16, 2011 by A. Bloom

    L.A. Noire is set against the backdrop of Hollywood’s Golden Age; a long since forgotten era of crime and mystique. Figures like Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde and John Dillinger loomed large in the criminal underworld. To many people at the time, these were the true “American Idols” and they captivated us in ways reality television stars could only dream of.

    The criminal genre has held a strong presence in American television over the last two decades. Some shows raised the bar (The Wire, The Sopranos, Law & Order); others keep networks afloat (CSI, Leverage, Criminal Minds, Burn Notice); and some simply miss the mark (we’ll refrain from name calling here…)

    If police procedurals litter the TV landscape, most of them are modeled around a predicta…

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  • Kate.moon

    CBS Fall Line-Up

    May 13, 2011 by Kate.moon

    What's next for CBS? With FOX, CW, NBC, and ABC announcing their cancellations and renewals for the fall, CBS is the last major network to follow suit with their lineup.

    Their buzziest fall show right now is a J.J. Abrams of (Lost/Fringe), called Person of Interest. A crime drama with Michael Emerson of Lost, it promises to be as exciting as all J.J. Abrams: "Person of Interest is a crime drama centered on an ex-CIA agent played by James Caviezel (The Prisoner). Presumed dead, he teams up with a mysterious billionaire (Lost‘s Michael Emerson) to prevent violent crimes in New York City. Taraji P. Henson (Boston Legal) and Kevin Chapman (Mystic River) also star."

    There's also Broke Girls, starring Kat Dennings: "Co-written by King and Cummings…

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  • Kate.moon

    Shows are falling fast and hard! ABC is the next network to off some of its veteran shows today! Among those axed are cult favorite V and Brothers & Sisters!

    Also to leave the network are No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Detroit 187, and Mr. Sunshine. Ouch! Guess it really is Friday the 13th!

    Are you ready for some good news? ABC HAS renewed Body of Proof and Happy Endings. Meanwhile, they've also picked up some buzzy new pilots (12!) as well!

    On the list are Last Man Standing, Work It, Apr. 23, Good Christian Belles, Pan Am, a fairy-tail Once Upon A Time, Shonda Rhimes's Scandal, and a reboot of Charlie's Angels!

    Will you miss V? Which new show are you most excited for?


    20:39, May 13, 2011 (UTC) Read more >
  • Kate.moon

    Next on NBC

    May 13, 2011 by Kate.moon

    NBC has been shaking up its tailfeathers with several announcements. The network axed some of its shows like Law and Order: Los Angeles and The Event. It's sad news for The Event fans, since the show started out quite strong last fall. The series finale is set to air on May 23 so mark your calendars!

    Breaking news on Wonder Woman update! NBC just announced that they will not be picking up Wonder Woman in the fall! Could it be? As one of the most buzzed-about show with tons of advertising and sneak peeks, Wonder Woman was picking up a lot of publicity, albeit somewhat negative. Fans didn't like her outfits; they didn't like the script...perhaps the studio was concerned that it wouldn't do well in the fall. Whatever the case, it seems highly…

    Read more >
  • Kate.moon

    Fox Cancels 5 Shows

    May 11, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Bad news for freshman shows on FOX! The network didn't hesitate to axe some of its popular new shows that had declining ratings. Among the five canceled are Lie to Me, The Chicago Code, Human Target, Breaking In, and Traffic Light.

    While several of these were acclaimed by critics, they failed to capture the audience's attentions. FOX is set to announce their fall schedules next week: among those picked up by the network is Alcatraz, a new "Lost" for J.J. Abram fans with time travel!

    Are you as sad as I am to see these shows go? Tell us which ones you'll miss the most!


    17:48, May 11, 2011 (UTC) Read more >
  • Kate.moon

    Early Summer Previews

    April 28, 2011 by Kate.moon

    It's almost May, which means that summer blockbuster season is upon us! From two promising Marvel movies Thor to Green Lantern, the last Harry Potter movie, and a second Hangover movie, it looks like studios are fast churning out crowd-pleasers.

    For those who can't wait for a glimpse of the latest screenshots and promos, here are several tidbits from Green Lantern, Hangover 2, and the last Harry Potter movie ever!

    Are you excited for these movies? Tell us in the comments!

    17:34, April 28, 2011 (UTC) Read more >

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