Crossing Jordan is an American television crime drama series created by Tim Kring which was aired on NBC from September 24, 2001 to May 16, 2007, for a total of six seasons and 117 episodes. It stars Jill Hennessy as Jordan Cavanaugh, M.D., a crime-solving forensic pathologist employed in the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The show used an ensemble cast approach that featured a group of Jordan's co-workers and police detectives assigned to the various cases. Its roster of central characters was created by Tim Kring, who also developed its core format. The title refers to both the name of the main character, who is commonly shown as "crossing" others—especially authority figures—to learn what she wants to know, and the biblical metaphor of the ancient Hebrews crossing the Jordan River, commonly used in spiritual songs to represent death and passage to the afterlife.

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  • Jill Hennessy
  • Miguel Ferrer
  • Ravi Kapoor
  • Mahershalalhashbaz Ali
  • Ken Howard
  • Kathryn Hahn
  • Steve Valentine
  • Lorraine Toussaint
  • Ivan Sergei
  • Jerry O'Connell
  • Leslie Bibb

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