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Keyword dataEdit

Data collected on April 29th. "Average monthly searches" data is from the Google AdWords Keyword tool. "Wiki monthly hits" is from Analytics data. "Wiki rank" is from doing a Google search for that search term and counting.

Search term Avg monthly searches Wiki rank Wiki monthly hits Success rate
Terminator 2,740,000 21 186 .01%
Sarah Connor 1,220,000 48 31 .00%
Sarah Connor Chronicles 450,000 44 44 .01%
Terminator 4 301,000 500+ 0 0
Terminator 2 246,000 15 6 .00%
Terminator 3 201,000 34 2 0
Terminator Sarah Connor 201,000 20 32 .02%
Terminator Salvation 165,000 131 160 .10%
Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles 165,000 40 25 .02%
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles 110,000 25 249 .23%
John Connor 33,100 2 438 .13%
Terminator movie 27,100 449 0 0
Cameron terminator 4,400 1 307 7.0%
Marcus Wright 4,400 1 1,168 26.5%
Derek Reese 1,600 1 891 55.7%
Catherine Weaver 1,000 1 683 68.3%

As a comparison -- see Muppet Wiki's keyword data.

Keyword analysisEdit

  • We do very well on individual Terminator 4 and Sarah Connor characters, #1 rank! But they're not very common searches.
  • We do very badly on the major searches -- Terminator, Terminator 4, Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Terminator Wiki's main competition is (the Wetpaint site).

According to Quantcast, is ranked #14,548, with 104,000 people a month. Terminator Wiki is ranked #37,237, with 37,000 visits/month.

Other competitors: (#122,069), (#171,889), (#239,434).

For major search terms:

  • #8 result
  • Terminator Wiki: #36
Sarah Connor
  • #8 result
  • #9
  • #10
  • #20
  • #22
  • Terminator Wiki: #48
Terminator Salvation
  • #38
  • Terminator Wiki: #131

How to winEdit

Main page linksEdit

In Google's Design and Content Guidelines, they suggest: "Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100)."

Google's algorithm counts a link to a page as a "vote" for that page. That vote is then split up and distributed among all the links on that page, and passed on to the linked pages. As you add more links to a page, the votes get spread out more, and the power of those votes gets weaker.

Here's the Google PageRank for some representative pages on the site. (Check out for more.)

  • : 6/10
  • Category:Stubs : 6/10
  • Series 800 : 5/10
  • John Connor : 4/10
  • Portal:Characters : 4/10
  • Sarah Connor : 4/10
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles : 4/10
  • Series 600 : 4/10
  • Terminator franchise : 4/10
  • Terminator: Salvation : 4/10
  • Terminator Wiki:FAQ : 4/10
  • Cameron : 3/10
  • Category:Characters : 3/10
  • Marcus Wright : 3/10
  • Portal:Terminators : 3/10
  • Terminator vs Terminator : 3/10

(As a comparison, check out Muppet Wiki's PageRank data.)

Everybody links to the main page, so the main page PR is always going to be the highest on the site. The next highest is the Stubs category, which gets two bold links on the main page. We can change the main page so that the PageRank spreads from the main page to the most important content on the site.

There should be fewer than 100 links on the main page. There are currently 588 links, counting images! (Links in the skin don't count; those are set to no-follow.)

This includes:

  • 384 links in the "Image Gallery" composite.
  • 20 links in the footer
  • 11 links to Project pages
  • 11 links to Edit pages
  • 7 links to Special pages
  • 5 links to User pages
  • 5 links to Wikia features
  • 4 links to non-content categories (2 for stubs, 1 for Citations needed and Images)

There are a few obvious ways to cut links on the main page. The Image Gallery looks really cool, but that's 384 links that could be eliminated off the bat. The Entertainment footer can be cut. The Help, Special and Helping out links could be consolidated into one link to a Help portal; a lot of the community links could be consolidated into one link to the Community portal.

It would be a useful exercise to think about cutting down to 50 total links on the main page, including images. You don't have to stick to 50, but it's useful to say: Is this link really necessary, if it means leaving out something else?

It would also be helpful to have two paragraphs of actual text on the page -- a description of Terminator: Salvation, and a description of Sarah Connor Chronicles. The links can come naturally from the text in those paragraphs. Check out the "Jim Henson" section on the main page of Muppet Wiki for an example.


Changing the pagetitle can also add a boost on important search terms. MediaWiki:Pagetitle and MediaWiki:Pagetitle-view-mainpage should both be changed.

  • Suggested pagetitle: Terminator Wiki - Terminator 4: Salvation, Sarah Connor
  • Change MediaWiki:Description to mention Terminator 4: Salvation, Sarah Connor Chronicles

Article namesEdit

  • Terminator: Salvation should be referred to as Terminator 4: Salvation as much as possible. (Terminator 4 has twice as many searches as Terminator Salvation.) Rename portal, rename page, change all main page links.
  • What is the "characters" category? There's "Characters" and then "Characters/by Franchise" -- Marcus Wright isn't in Characters. If possible -- Terminator 4 Characters, Sarah Connor Chronicles Characters.
  • Add franchise names to categories -- Terminator Films instead of Films, Sarah Connor Chronicles Episodes instead of Episodes.

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