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  • Hey, I'm kinda new here, My page (Man with a Plan) is approved on the comedy shows thingy, and has a tick next to it, but the Footer thing doesn't have it on there. I don't know how this works, I just want to have the footer in my Fandom that's all so I'll wait for your help :P Thanks.

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    • Looking through the page history, it seems that another user was the one who made the determination as to whether Man With a Plan was approved; unfortunately, this determination can only be made by myself - and upon further review, it doesn't appear the site meets the minimum criteria for inclusion.

      I apologize for the confusion! I reached out to the user and asked that they refrain from approving/commenting on sites, as this can cause confusion.

      The upside to this is that Man With a Plan is now included in the "Submitted" list - which means that it will be reviewed during each Fall cycle. Also, if it does meet the inclusion criteria, any user can reach out and ask that it be re-evaluated at any time.

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