The Jeffersons is an American sitcom that was broadcast on CBS from January 18, 1975, through July 2, 1985, lasting 11 seasons and a total of 253 episodes. The Jeffersons is one of the longest-running sitcoms, the second-longest-running American series with a primarily African American cast (surpassed in 2012 by Tyler Perry's House of Payne by one episode, though The Jeffersons ran for more seasons), and the first to prominently feature a married interracial couple.

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  • Isabel Sanford
  • Sherman Hemsley
  • Marla Gibbs
  • Roxie Roker
  • Franklin Cover
  • Paul Benedict
  • Mike Evans
  • Berlinda Tolbert
  • Zara Cully
  • Damon Evans
  • Ned Wertimer
  • Jay Hammer
  • Danny Wells

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