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Despite many negative reviews that lamented the fact that Ligntning McQueen wasn't front and center in the Cars sequel, the film managed to cross the weekend box office finish line in first place with $68 million.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, tracking figures heading into the weekend were clocking the film at $50-$55 million. But the film had more gas than expected and sped into the second-best June opening ever for an animated film after Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3..

“I think there is this wonderful aura that comes with Disney/Pixar movies. They play almost like fanboy pics. Everyone rushes out Friday to see them,” Disney worldwide president of distribution Chuck Viane said.

Interestingly, grosses from 3D theaters accounted for only 40% of the toon’s total bow, the lowest margin to date for a big studio film. But Disney said a contributing factor is the popularity of Pixar titles at the 500 drive-in theaters nationwide, which have yet to convert to 3D.

Audiences that saw the film seemed to have little complaint- the CARtoon received an A- CinemaScore.

Did you see the film this weekend? If so, did you go to a drive-in?

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