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When asked to defend their favorite fantasy franchise, users answered the call and now its up to YOU to choose the best! From Harry Potter to Elder Scrolls, many franchises got some pretty passionate submissions on their behalf, but we narrowed it down to 5 for you to choose from.

Update: The winner is mw2 of The Elder Scrolls! See more here!


Lord of the Rings
"Initially Lord of the Rings was to be a filler for me, something that I would enjoy and not be obsessed with, however, the tides have turned. I soon found myself buying models, books video games. It has suddenly become a part of my life. Not to mention, the acting is brilliant!"


"The series is ultimately possessed of very descriptive and captivating plot lines, and the anthropomorphic animal characters are a brilliant replacement for the usual human characters used in most fantasy series. The chivalrous mice, lavish feasts, tense battles and all-around heroism native to the good creatures of Mossflower Country is paramount to the beauty of this great book series directed to readers of all ages."


The Elder Scrolls
"I think The Elder Scrolls is the best because of how expansive it is. If you finish a quest, you can go to your local inn and be given a new one. People will reveal new objectives to you through small talk with their friends. Daedric Princes will speak to you if you enter a certain area. If something ends, something else begins. It's a never-ending cycle. It's fantasy re-defined. The detail that is put into the characters, locations, weapons and even books is extraordinarily thorough."


Harry Potter
"I think that Harry Potter is the best because it teaches you friendship, bravery, and how to stand up for what you believe in. Even though Harry Potter isnt for everyone, I personally think it isthe best because it is a well-written series, it sets a good lesson, and overall is a great book to read."


Final Fantasy
"Purely because it is one of the greatest RPG series ever created. No matter which FF game you are playing, you can lose yourself in the plight of your fictional warriors, and you grow attached to them, and the moment when you defeat the bad guy is just awesome! :D"
Which fantasy franchise do you think is the best based on the submission?

The poll was created at 17:58 on May 20, 2013, and so far 37 people voted.

Honorable Mentions

We got a lot of submissions that we wish could have been part of the final round, but, since only U.S. and UK submissions are eligible, we had to make some cuts! Read on for some passionate fantasy franchise defenses that we thought deserved an honorable mention!

  • User: reapermw2 - The Elder Scrolls
    • From sculpting your character's appearance and appointing his defining traits, to choosing your dialogue options and how your character's story unveils, You are in control of your unique and personal experience with the Elder Scrolls.

      That is why the Elder Scrolls franchise is simply, the best.
  • User: Menos22 - Lord of the Rings
    • Tolkien also spent most of his life to developing middle earth and its numerous languages. While many fantasy works are new and have yet to show if they stand the test of time, The Lord of the Rings has remained popular since it was published back over 50 years ago. Not to mention who doesn't love talking trees.
  • User: Bartholomew Billberry Bowstring - Redwall
    • An amazing fantasy series with beautiful landscapes, delicious food, unforgettable characters and swashbuckling adventure at every turn.
  • User: Greater good - Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
    • Unlike a lot of fantasy series, it isn't a cliched story of good versus evil. Every character has both good and bad in them.
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