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With the holidays coming up, now is a time to indulge in the things that we love and appreciate! With Wikia's 12 Days of Guilt, we will be bringing a list of our guilty pleasures to you every day, and you can vote on the #1 guilty pleasure or add your own! The focus will be on the movies, books, and tv shows that we secretly love but hate to tell other people about!

So far, our guilty pleasures have covered reality TV, Romantic Comedies, Romance Novels, competition shows, Vampires, Musicals, Fictional couples, and Characters we love to hate. Well, today's guilty pleasure list is all about the times we've found a character that we LOVE even if they might not have a big role in the movie, book, or show! Today's guilty pleasure is about the best underrated characters!!!


Here are the characters that made our Top 12 list:

Do you see any favorites on our list? Be sure to throw your vote in, and share any characters that you love to hate in the comments below! Stay tuned for more guilty pleasures tomorrow!

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