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Mai Suki Story Day 1Edit

My name is Mai Suki,I grew up in a big city.I live in a House with my mom and dad and with my sister Galaco before she became a vocaloid.I go to school with some of the Vocaloids. I'm Loving, Caring, Fun,Hyper at times, and LOVE to meet new People.Not to keep you waiting Here's my Story.Edit

Walking Home from school with CUL:[1]Edit

"I'm tired of science class I always loved that classes but now that theirs a new teacher I'm not getting all of it. I don't get Japanese 100% yet" I said. "Have you talked to her yet?" CUL asked." "No." I said. We laugh. "As long as I'm not failing I'm fine." I said. "So how's the music gig going? “I ask. "Great thanks for asking." CUL said. "You look like you’re doing well I've been to every concert." I smiled. She smiled back. "I wish you could perform with us all." CUL Said. "Maybe I'll get brave enough to try." I said. CUL's phone rang. She pulls her phone out of her pocket. "Well you don't need to worry about the dancing part that's what you do best." CUL said answering her phone. "Konnichiwa Lily san, Genki?" (Hello lily how are you)CUL asked. "Genki." (Fine)Lily said. "Konnichiwa lily." I said. CUL put the phone on speaker. Mai said konnichiwa Lily." CUL said. "Hey Mai." Lily said. "What are you doing?" CUL ask. "At the park with Gakupo and Gumi." Lily said. "You hear that Mai? Gakupo is at the park." CUL teased. "How many times have I told you I don't like Gakupo that way!" I said. "I never said you did right now. I just said he's at the park." CUL smiled. "Please tell me he didn't hear that Lily." I sighed. "Sorry but I did. Gakupo answered. (Really) "I don't like you that way, I'm just a fan really" I said. "I know." Gakupo laughed. "Yeah CUL I think your wrong remember she's with Len." Gumi said. (Len NO no...) "I'm not dating anyone." I said. They laughed. "We're just playing Mai." Lily said. "I know. “I smiled. "Anyway did you hear about Katio's party Saturday?" I ask changing the subject. "Yeah, Are you going?" CUL ask. "Yeah if my mom and dad say I can." I answered. "When are you moving out aren't old enough?" Lily asks. "I don't know I guess when I can pay for a house or something and keep paying." I said. I heard Gumi whisper something I couldn't understand what. I had a guess. *sigh* "Do you guys what to come to my house?" I ask. "I will." CUL said. "I will." Gakupo said. "Me and Lily will." Gumi said. "Cool what if we do a karaoke dance night at my house. I got that karaoke machine all of you guys got me." I said. "Yeah that sounds like fun." Lily said. "I'll call everyone just come when your ready." I said. "Okay" Gumi said "See you then bye." I finished. "Bye." Lily said. CUL hung-up the phone. "If you want to run home I'll see you later." I told CUL. "Okay.See you later." CUL said. She turn around and walk home.I continue to walk home. I walk in my house to the kitchin where my mom was. "Konnichiwa hahaoya."(hello mother) I bowed to her. "Hi sweet heart, how was school?" Mom asked. "Good." I said. "Is it okay if I have some firends over for a kareoke night?" I ask. "Mai, your just telling me now." Mom said. "We just made it up ask we were walking home." I said. "Whose we?" She ask. "CUL and me." I said. Galaco came in the room. "Hey mom." Galaco said. "Hi angle." Mom said. "Does your sister know about the party?" Mom ask me. I shook my head "no". "Just me, CUL, Gakupo, Gumi, And Lily and they proble told people." I said. "Please mom, this might be my chace to become a vocaloid." I begged. "No your not going to be one of them. You can hagen out with them all you want but I can't lose you too." Mom said. Me and Galaco looked at each other. "You can have the party." Mom said under her breath. "Really?!" I ask exsided. "Yes just talk to your dad about the party on Saterday." Mom ask. "Okay thank you mom!!" I said hugging her. I pulled out my phone and text everyone.I got ready and people begain to come.It was an awesome time. I sang with just about everyone and everyone looked like they were having fun. But Luka, Katio, and Meiko were talking to my parents most of the time. I was trying to ignore them. At the end of the party we all (most of us) did the Levan Polkka we even got my parents to do it! It was hilarious.