What's next for CBS? With FOX, CW, NBC, and ABC announcing their cancellations and renewals for the fall, CBS is the last major network to follow suit with their lineup.

Person of Interest

Their buzziest fall show right now is a J.J. Abrams of (Lost/Fringe), called Person of Interest. A crime drama with Michael Emerson of Lost, it promises to be as exciting as all J.J. Abrams: "Person of Interest is a crime drama centered on an ex-CIA agent played by James Caviezel (The Prisoner). Presumed dead, he teams up with a mysterious billionaire (Lost‘s Michael Emerson) to prevent violent crimes in New York City. Taraji P. Henson (Boston Legal) and Kevin Chapman (Mystic River) also star."

Broke Girls

There's also Broke Girls, starring Kat Dennings: "Co-written by King and Cummings, Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and newcomer Beth Behrs as — yep — two broke 22-year-old gals struggling to make their dreams come true in New York City (or at least Brooklyn). Matthew Moy (Scrubs), Garrett Morris (Saturday Night Live) and Jonathan Kite also star."

What do you think about these new shows? Are you excited?



Kate.moon 22:59, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

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