VD-9922 season 2-22

No sooner than when this season wrapped up for CW, that they released this new press release for next season! Congratulations to all the shows that got renewed for next fall! You can find the list here. Meanwhile we bid farewell to favorites like Hellcats and Smallville which had a solid 10-year run.

Meanwhile, let's look at what we should expect for next season!

Gossip Girl

What can we expect of Gossip Girl as it enters its fifth season? Chuck and Nate will visit Serena in Los Angeles while Blair is trying to plan her own Royal Wedding. Meanwhile, Charlie Rhodes, Serena's fake cousin will return to the Upper East Side! With the news that Charlie will be a series regular for next season, expect her to stir up lots of trouble.

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries just wrapped up their epic sophomore season. If you're not watching this show yet, you must; it's legitimately an excellent, entertaining hour of television. Season 3 will be the Season of the Originals and we will see more of Klaus and his other family. Hopefully Elijah will come back because he's bad-ass. Meanwhile Elena and Damon grow closer together even as they attempt to bring Stefan back from the dark side. Will they get him away from Klaus? And for Delena shippers, perhaps your time has finally come!

With Jeremy's newfound power/curse/addendum of seeing dead people...especially dead girlfriends, what will happen to him and Bonnie? I just can't wait to see!


Nikita has really grown into its own and was renewed for a second season! Congratulations! Michael and Nikita are on the run from the government AND Division trying to fix all the problems that Division has caused. Unfortunately, they're also on the run from Alex, who knows Nikita very well...


The Winchester brothers will face unfamiliar, sinister foes in Season 7 of Supernatural. With all their experience and weapons useless against this yet-unknown enemy, they must rely on each other to fight their way through demons!

What do you think CW fans? Can't wait for 2011-2012 season? Speculate away!



Kate.moon 22:32, May 19, 2011 (UTC)

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