Hey Entertainment Fans!

If you're a TV nerd like myself, you know that May Sweeps aka TV finale season is now upon us. What does that mean? It means we have crazy cliffhangers, unexpected deaths, pregnancies, and a whole slew of unexpected events that will be happening faster than we can process!

So for your reading pleasure, I decided to repost a list of important finale dates and a May Sweeps calendar (zoom in to check up on your favorite show) for critical events in the TV world!

Significant Events

Mild Spoiler Alert!

  • Pregnancies: 9+
  1. CONFIRMED May 5: Callie and Arizona/Grey's Anatomy
  2. CONFIRMED May 5: Charlotte and Cooper/Private Practice
  3. CONFIRMED May 8: Sarah and Luc/Brothers & Sisters
  4. CONFIRMED May 12: Rajiv and Vimi/Outsourced
  • Romantic Reunions: 2+
  • Sex for the first time: 3+
  • Shocking/Unexpected Pregnancies: 3+
  1. CONFIRMED 90210
  • Births: 3+
  1. CONFIRMED May 12: Shirley/Community
  2. CONFIRMED Angela/Bones
  • Break-Ups: 4+
  • Deaths: 12+ (!!)
  1. CONFIRMED Castle
  2. CONFIRMED Parks and Recreation
  3. CONFIRMED The Vampire Diaries
  4. CONFIRMED Hawaii Five-0
  5. CONFIRMED Desperate Housewives
  6. CONFIRMED Fringe
  10. CONFIRMED Law & Order: SVU
  • Possible Deaths: 8+
  • Big Returns: 2+
  1. CONFIRMED May 13: Lex/Smallville
  2. CONFIRMED Georgina/Gossip Girl
  • Engagements: 1+
  • Time Travel: 1+



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