The fall season for television is well underway and going strong. Now that several networks have renewed popular freshman series such as The Secret Circle, Person of Interest and New Girl, you can safely decide which shows to invest in.

Supernatural and Sci-Fi

It's a good season for fairy tales with not just one, but two shows revolving around classic fairy tales with a twist like Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

With Lost out of the game, look out for JJ Abrams projects to grab your interest. Once Upon a Time has Easter eggs from Lost while JJ Abrams procedural Person of Interest was just picked up for a full season. Later this season, go back to the island with Alcatraz!

More strong performers include Steven Spielberg's dinosaur fantasy Terra Nova and the perfect show for Halloween: the anti-Glee American Horror Story.

Comedy and Sitcoms

It's a strong fall season for strong women like Jessica Day in New Girl and 2 Broke Girls, both of which got renewed by their respective networks! If you're not watching The New Girl, it may interest you to know that it's one of the highest rated and most watched comedy in years!

Familiar Faces

Speaking of amazing women, CW's much-hyped The Ringer lived up to its promise of Sarah Michelle Gellar's triumphant return to television by picking up the thriller series for a whole season. If you haven't been watching The Ringer, bear in mind that there will be more than one Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunions and many surprises to come for November sweeps.

Do you have a new favorite series that you just can't miss? Which one piques your interest the most?

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