• KnT


    January 29, 2010 by KnT

    2012: A new metallic element that has superconductive properties at room temperature is found at Olympus Mons on Mars. Scientists name it "Olympium".

    2025: The first self-aware AI is constructed. The laws of robotics are introduced. The technological revolution begins

    2026: Mars is fully explored and zoned as a heritage listed area.

    2027: Tests conclude that greenhouse gasses on Earth are reaching LD50 concentrations. Genesis is presented as a solution.

    2030: The Genesis program is implemented. The world unites under one banner - The UEA. The year is set at G-0000

    G-0003: Construction of the servitors commences. Mars is rezoned as primary industry. An automated mining and production plant is built into Olympus Mons

    G-0018: Construction of 2 serv…

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  • KnT

    My universe

    January 28, 2010 by KnT

    Alrighty, a bit of background info;

    I plan on writing a Sci-Fi book/screenplay at some stage of my life, that's where the wiki comes in. I will update pages in my free time, eventually building a universe upon which I will write my book.

    Contribute if you want, but anything that is put on here will be deemed open source so to speak.

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