The World Unseen is a lesbian themed motion picture that is exceptionally well made. Based in 1950's South Africa when apartheid or racial segregation was the norm The World Unseen is an excruciating love story that features a lesbian restaurant owner who falls in love with an Indian South African housewife

Miriam [acted by Lisa Ray] is the traditional married woman whose role is to have children and be a attentive wife. She is unhappy in the marriage but with his money problems and his ideas about his role and rights are, her husband does not recognize the problems in his family On a rear outing, Miriam goes to Amina's restaurant with her sister-in-law

Amina acted by Sheethal Sheth is a modern woman. Independent and openly lesbian, life has been a little difficult but she refuses to compromise her values. Both women are immediately fascinated by each other when they meet. A strong attraction soon develops between them which is impossible to ignore and a taboo to admit.

The world unseen discloses a great depth of knowledge about South Africa during the era and a vibrant and absorbing form of narration. The film director, Shamim Sarif, who also wrote the novel on which this movie is based, seems to have drawn on her own experience as a lesbian woman

Although a lesbian movie and a lesbian romance, The World Unseen addresses other important and sometimes difficult to watch issues. Like racial segregation and psychological wife abuse

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