• Multimoog

    Hope you enjoy the creepy new Halloween look for the Entertainment hub! Take a few moments and explore the terrifying Horror wikis we'll be highlighting and have a safe and scary holiday weekend!

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  • Multimoog

    I Can Walk Like A Penguin

    January 19, 2009 by Multimoog

    I don't normally do this, but: here is a collection of southern New England/Boston commercials from the late 70's and early 80's. I think my favorite is the Martian PSA - who knew our celestial neighbors sound like they come from Revere, MA?

    I had to upload that myself because the prick who put it up originally wouldn't allow embedding.

    I love Mom serenely gazing at the fish, dreaming of a better life under the sea. Until her kid starts squealing about dolphins or some shit.

    "It's fun to find out what your voice really sounds like!" Except when you sound like an obnoxious brat from New Jersey. Dig that catchy theremin, though.

    Fuck yeah, I'll watch the Creature Feature! Easily understandable why a kid would have fond memories of this. Even thou…

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  • Multimoog

    In case you hadn't been made aware yet, Christmas is coming. Normally I'm not Mr. Number 1 Super Christmas Spirit Cheerleader, but this year I'm feeling it a little more. Maybe somebody put something in the water, I dunno. But I saw something in Walgreen's recently - the Mr. Snowman Snow Cone Maker:

    It's a plastic snowman. You put ice cubes in it and crank a handle to turn the ice cubes into ice pulp, then you spray Kool-Aid on it. Big whoop. This is not a story about the Mr. Snowman (great name, by the way - Mr. Snowman? Someone much more well-paid than me sat up all night coming up with that) Snow Cone Maker. This is about what it reminded me of; the greatest Christmas present ever, the one I wanted the hardest. I'm sure there were other o…

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  • Multimoog

    Oh, Wampires.

    December 4, 2008 by Multimoog

    So after doing a little research to see what all the fuss was about, I am now upset that all humans are not constantly making fun of Twilight with every waking moment.

    Two things I found depressing. A, of course, is that a publisher saw the manuscript and just knew teen girls would lap it up, regardless of the quality (and setting their standards for literature at the checkout-line-mass-market-romance-novel-level for life).

    B is that the popularity of the series pretty much demanded that it be made into at least one movie - like, the movie studios saw the books, slumped their shoulders, sighed, and just got to the inevitable task. This of course led to a trailer, which I saw and thought for five minutes might be a cool teen horror movie, until…

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