I don't normally do this, but: here is a collection of southern New England/Boston commercials from the late 70's and early 80's. I think my favorite is the Martian PSA - who knew our celestial neighbors sound like they come from Revere, MA?

Robolar From Mars00:29

Robolar From Mars

I had to upload that myself because the prick who put it up originally wouldn't allow embedding.

Vintage commercial - The New England Aquarium00:30

Vintage commercial - The New England Aquarium

I love Mom serenely gazing at the fish, dreaming of a better life under the sea. Until her kid starts squealing about dolphins or some shit.

Museum of Science Vintage Commercial00:39

Museum of Science Vintage Commercial

"It's fun to find out what your voice really sounds like!" Except when you sound like an obnoxious brat from New Jersey. Dig that catchy theremin, though.

Creature Feature Intro 198300:26

Creature Feature Intro 1983

Fuck yeah, I'll watch the Creature Feature! Easily understandable why a kid would have fond memories of this. Even though this changed to the Creature Double Feature, the promise of double monsters was undercut by a much more prosaic announcer. Cheap vocal effects, people! You have that equipment for a reason.

Willie Whistle Clown From WSBK Boston TV01:57

Willie Whistle Clown From WSBK Boston TV

I... oh, man. It just... I remember Willie Whistle as one of my earliest memories of TV, and I loved him. Like, I would get really excited for his morning TV show. Looking at it now, I'm embarrassed for my 3-year-old self, and remember that taste isn't something you're born with but acquire. Also: minus 10 points for not actually being a commercial. Yes, I'm assigning points.

Jabberwocky TV Show Opening-WCVB TV Boston01:28

Jabberwocky TV Show Opening-WCVB TV Boston

Minus points for not being an ad here as well, but minus all the points for being much creepier in retrospect. This was something that was produced in the 70's but ran into the early-mid 80's, and I remember getting really excited about it as well. By the time I was seeing it, it must have been in reruns for a while, because it would only sporadically appear on Sunday mornings at ungodly hours like 5am. Had a terribly gross puppet, too. Between this and Willie Whistle, I'm surprised my entire childhood wasn't constantly consumed by paralyzing nightmares. Oh, wait.

What the hell was going on in Boston during the 70's? Or was it like that everywhere?

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