Bending The Rules on Wikia

Calling all rule benders! Every day on Wikia, we follow the rules of admins and community members, but when you love something it can be hard to always stay inside the lines. We want to know your fandom stories where you became a rule bender. Nothing malicious or illegal, though - we’re looking for heartfelt stories to promote across Wikia!

Here’s my example to start things off:

Nblonkenfeld —— I’m a Star Wars fanatic, during a trip to Lucasfilm I found a Statue of Boba Fett that said: DO NOT TOUCH...but my fandom compelled me to bend the rules.

Have you touched a statute that said "DO NOT TOUCH?" Have you cut in line for an autograph from your favorite celeb? Maybe you've even brought your own candy into the movie theater. Share your passionate stories, but keep it legal and appropriate. Tell us how you’ve bent the rules in the comments below.

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