Hello my friends, and those who aren't my friends yet,

As most of you know, on Monday, June 1st, Conan O'Brien will take over The Tonight Show, after Jay Leno has been hosting it for the past 17 years. Conan, who is known for his career as a writer for The Simpsons and SNL, and mostly for his 16-years-hosting of Late Night, moved to LA and will take over the palace of late-night television.

In an attempt to gather all the information needed about his new Tonight Show, I started the ConanWiki, which used to focus on Late Night yet now, I believe, will be a good time to start documenting what seems to be one of TV's best late-night shows.

I ask you, those who are fans and those who aren't yet, please help me build this wiki. I know it will mean a lot to me, and to Conan himself, once he finds it and makes fun of it on his show.

Keep it cool ma babies,


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