A few updates for editors interested in our television wikis. What are you guys watching right now?

I was disappointed to learn that Last Resort has been cancelled by ABC. The wiki is going strong covering new episodes each week and will continue to do so up until the show concludes with episode 13. Creator Shawn Ryan has promised to round up the series in satisfying fashion so don't give up on the show if you have started it! Also cancelled this week are ABC thriller 666 Park Avenue, which will complete its original thirteen episode order like Last Resort, and the sitcom Partners, which is already off the schedule.

I loved this weeks episode of Treme and wrote a review of it for the relevant wiki. Also going strong on the cable drama front are the current seasons of Dexter, The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk Empire. All four shows will air new episodes this evening. Also going great is the new season of Sons of Anarchy which is following its protagonist Jax Teller down a dark and violent path.

How are viewers enjoying the new crop of network shows this year? I am keeping up with the aforementioned Last Resort, CBS historical crime drama Vegas, and the NBC science fiction adventure series Revolution. I am sporadically watching Chicago Fire, Arrow, Nashville, and The Mob Doctor too. I have not tried any of the new comedies, any recommendations?

Any other current projects that people would like to share here?

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