The weeks go by oh so fast. I started a new job this week and have not done as much editing as I had hoped in the run up. The television continues to broadcast despite my inattention though so I'll try and gather some useful links for interested editors this week. I will hopefully have some more updates of my own next week.

I have at least managed to watch the excellent series finale to Treme. It would have been a great series finale had the show ended this year but still left enough threads unconcluded to further the shortened fourth season. I will keep updating the Treme wiki in the offseason.

The wife and I have been catching up with British telly on our DVR. We are still weeks behind, but enjoying, BBC drama The Paradise. The department store period piece is not groundbreaking but it has some good performances and is finding its feet as the first series progresses. No wiki for that one as of yet. Anyone else watching the show and fancy collaborating on one?

The second series of Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat is fantastic. The show's wiki however is not, at a sorely lacking two articles! Anyone want to work on patching it up?

Also back for a second season is BBC Three's sitcom Him and Her and the wiki is up and running. The viciously idiotic Paul and Laura (the main character's sister and her fiancee) are very funny.

We gave up on the espionage drama The Hunted I'm afraid. The drab pallete and the genre necessitated serpentine plotting didn't grab me after three episodes. Anyone else liking it more? Fancy writing about it?

I am delving into webseries again; Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is a failed featurelength pilot that is being released by Machinima on youtube. Galactica wiki needs help covering it. I also enjoyed the Halo: Forward Unto Dawn series that they are distributing, which is covered on Halo wiki.

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