Q: Beyond being black and shiny, what do Darth Vader and the Magic 8-Ball have in common?

A: They will answer all of your questions, all the time!

Ask Darth

In celebration of the new Star Wars Blu-ray release (September 16th), FOX has launched a website dedicated to asking Darth Vader any question you could possibly imagine. Although he acts annoyed and impatient, Darth will do his best to answer your questions and the results are quite entertaining. The Sith Lord puts the the Magic 8-Ball to shame, and as you ask more questions, you can unlock secrets, which are basically short clips about Darth Vader from the Blu-rays special features. Furthermore, you can use voice-activation to ask questions if you're accessing the site from your mobile phone.

So what are you waiting for? Ask Darth Vader a question right now! And don't forget to visit Wookiepedia, the greatest encyclopedic resource on the web for all of your Star Wars needs.

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